2020-08-28 Notice on Holding International Exchange and Cooperation Work Seminar

SOURCE :TIME:March 11, 2021

Dear teachers,

In order to further promote the international exchange, such as joint students cultivation projects and scientific research cooperation among teachers and students, and effectively expand the international horizon of teachers and students, the college will cooperate with the University of South Queensland (USQ) to organize an online exchange and cooperation seminar. The specific notice is as follows:

1. Content

Research cooperation on the physical education and sports health

2. Date

11:00-14:00 (Australian time: 1:00-4:00 pm), Monday, August 31, 2020

3. Form

Online conference onZoom platform, joining link:


Conference ID: 660 8564 5890

4. Participants

Relevant leaders and teachers of International Office (Department) of Jilin University and South Queensland University, experts and scholars in the fields of physical education and sports health of both sides, and teachers and students of Physical Education College of Jilin University.

5. Agenda



Research field



31 August


Speeches by leaders of both sides

USQ: Professor Peter Terry (Dean of Graduate School)

JLU: Professor Qiu Peng (Dean of Physical Education College)


Physical Education and Sports Science

The application of Science in elite movement

USQ: Professor Tim Gabbett


Research progress and prospects of speed skating biomechanics

JLU: Professor Zou Xiaofeng


Physical Education and Sports Psychology

Cooperation potential for both sides in physical education and sports psychology

USQ: Professor Peter Terry


Project planning for the integrated development of universities’ physical education and students' mental health

JLU: Professor Qiu Peng




Sports and behavioral medicine

Sports in the workplace: for shift workers

USQ:Associate Professor Tracy Kolbe Alexander

Active exercise lifestyle: behavior change, muscle strength training, holistic exercise

USQ: Professor Stuart Biddle


Research on the influence of relative significance on the stability of coordination movement between limbs

JLU: Dr. Zheng Yan


Exchange and discussion


Summary of the seminar

USQ: Professor Peter Terry

JLU: Professor Qiu Peng

6. Notes

1.All attendees should dress formally, and the list of teachers and students will be notified separately. All attendees should wear masks unless speaking. Please log in the platform 20 minutes in advance.

2.This seminar will be simultaneously interpreted. Teachers are welcome to attend the meeting. The relevant leaders of the college and the directors of each campus (teaching and research section) must attend the seminar online and other teachers can attend voluntarily.

3.All attendees should install the Zoom in advance (the Zoom platform can be downloaded and installed by clicking the conference link).

4.Please scan the following QR code and join the Wechat group. Due to the limitation of the number of people online, the first 60 people have the chance to attend the seminar. The deadline is 12:00, August 30.

Physical Education College

2020August 28,2020

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